A First Nations Deacon

On our way we always are also interested to find where the First Nations People live today. So we decided to drive out to Cape Croker. It was quite a long distance from the main road, partly via gravel road until we reached the small village of the Chippewas of Nawash. By information leaflets we were told, that they like to welcome visitors and offer different excursions. So we expected something like a Visitor Center. But there was nothing like that, just a closed Community Hall. We drove up to the small church which we also found closed. In the moment we wanted to leave again a man walked up to the church whom I approached. He turned out to be the Deacon of the Catholic Community. He  showed us the church and all the special items for service which are made in an native design out of leather. Ron Johnson told us his story being the first First Nations Deacon and even the first deacon in his Diocese. Through his interest he got ordained in his Communities church. Feel free to read more about this earlier Jesuit Missions Parish here: St Mary’s, Cape Croker